What Makes the Best RTG Casino?

For those who don’t know the exciting world of online gaming, RTG stands for RealTime Gaming. Founded in 1998, RTG is a leading software provider and developer of online casino games from slot machines and video poker to red dogs and war and everything in between. Indeed, there is something for everyone at the RTG and that is a promise! With that said, what makes RTG casino the best? The answer is as simple as possible.

RTG Casino is the best because it offers the best version in gaming software, the best lineup of progressive games, the best reputation for on-time payments to players and the best customer service. In short, RTG offers the best in online gaming experience par excellence.

Best Version in Game Software

With the RTG, there is always room for improvement. As such, online gaming is constantly being tweaked, updated and improved to suit the tastes of discriminating gamers around the world. Think of it as being in Las Vegas with all of its great sights and sounds without actually being in Las Vegas, just in the comfort of your own home. And what makes the best gaming software? Two things – first, you need to have beautiful details from the way the dice roll to the way the cards are flipped; and second, you should enjoy such a fast pace of play that 7 hands per minute at the blackjack table is equivalent to the course.

Best Progressive Games Lineup

At the RTG casino, almost the entire range of PF progressive games is offered for fans of online casino games. Hundreds of games available make for interesting choices that will ward off day after day boredom, hence, get you addicted to gaming though in a good way. How would you like to win the jackpot and live on Easy Street for the rest of your life? Yes, with RTG progressive play, winning the jackpot isn’t as far as it seems. After all, anything can happen in the virtual Las Vegas that RTG created for gamers!

Best Reputation for Timely Payments to Players

If you’ve ever been a victim of online gaming sites constantly delaying your jackpot payouts, you shouldn’t have a problem with money at any of the RTG casinos. As soon as you are entitled to it, just open your account and voila! You are richer! Well, of course, you will be provided with an updated online account statement just so you can see how much you have won and how much you have lost. We highly recommend that you set limits on your wins and losses, just as any responsible gambler would.

Best Customer Service

Now, of course, what can you expect from an RTG casino but only the best customer service perks in the industry? After all, customer service is a feature that will make an excellent online gaming site truly outstanding.

So to repeat the question: what makes the best RTG casino? Well, you have to experience the best that the RTG casino has to offer to believe that, indeed, it is the best in the industry, no questions asked.