What is a double result bet? Strategies and examples

Some become increasingly popular as bettors learn more about the various sports betting markets. Although the prop Double Result bet may not be new, it has gained popularity due to its availability and versatility across all team sports.

To get more value from a short-priced favorite, or to take a bet on a second half comeback, sports betting players may choose to place a wager on a prop double result. You can enjoy the thrill of getting two results with one bet. This article will answer your question about “how does a two-result bet work?” as well as explain its meaning.

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What is a Double Result Bet (Meaning?)

Let’s dive deeper into this type bet to learn more about it and how it works.

A double result bet is a bet on two outcomes. They are betting on the half-time winner (or a select period depending on the sport but this will be covered later in an article) and the full-time winner. This means that there are many possible outcomes in sports betting markets, which is why the odds are higher.

When answering the question “What is a Double Result Bet in Sports Betting?” the most important thing to remember is that if the first leg is tied, it is either a win (or a loss) depending on which player selected. This is not a push bet, which can confuse new players. If the player wants the first half to result in Team A winning, then a tie at the interval will result in a losing wager. If Team A wins at halftime, the bet will still be open for the second half. This is a key step to understand “how does a two-result bet in sports betting work” and its meaning.

A player who is a pro at sports betting markets, including prop Double Result bets, will make a call on each outcome and then discard those that are not likely to happen. This is the most efficient strategy. Players can tilt the odds in their favor by spreading the stakes across three to five possible sports betting markets, depending on the game.

When answering the question “What is a Double Result Bet?” and what it means, another important factor is how profitable this type of bet is. Prop Double Result betting is more profitable than placing two separate bets on the outcome of the first half or the match. Because the original prices are multiplied, this is why it’s so profitable.

Take, for example:

Team A to defeat Team B (-120).
$10 Returns $18.33
Team A wins the first half (+150).
$25 Returns $10

Team A Double Result: Win/Win (+200).
$20 Returns $50

As you can see the stakes can be the same, but the returns can be maximized.


We now have a better understanding about the question “What is a Double Result Bet?” and its meaning. It’s time to talk about possible strategies that players might use. There is no guarantee that there will be a winning strategy in sports betting, but certain situations make it more attractive. These are some strategies for prop Double Result betting that have been used by players.

Learn form and see how teams perform away and at home.

Let’s start with a prop double result bet NFL Football to get an idea of some of the strategies.

This Sunday, the Titans (110) will face off against the Vikings (110) in a football match. Although it’s likely to be close, let’s not forget that Tennessee is known for its fast start and high intensity. They also tend to score early touchdowns. Minnesota, on the other hand, is known for being a late starter and using their endurance to drive late and rescue players. Minnesota may find the pressure from their home fans too much and prefers to play on the road.

The player can place a conservative bet of -110 on a team’s win or a prop double result bet NFL Football. The player could bet on Titans/Vikings Double Results (Win/Loss +2500), and Vikings/Titans Triple Result (Loss/Win +1500). If either team leads at halftime and loses the match, the player is earning.

This is a risk for players because teams in every sport will try to protect their lead. The match’s score will influence tactics and the dynamics of the match. This will make it less likely that the result will be achieved. Another reason for the high odds.

Bet on a heavy favorite to win against an underdog to increase the value.

In an end-of season College game, Butler (+1000) will face Seton Hall (+2000). Butler is winning their league while Seton Hall (-1000) is in the final game of the season. Seton Hall, however, is struggling at bottom and has a lot of injuries to contend with. Not all players can afford to risk large sums of money on very short terms, so they need more value.

A prop Double Result bet against Butler (Win/Win -188) is more attractive and will draw more business. This is where the risk is for the players. They could be betting on something other than the team’s objective. They can still win if Butler scores a last-minute goal. It doesn’t matter one bit that they lost the first half. It is up to the player to believe that Butler’s quality will outweigh Seton Hall.

This means that a sports betting market can present value even if a Win bet is not. This is a great way for bookmakers to keep their players betting on events too close to the call or too one-sided.

Consider the effects of injuries on a team’s approach and how they may affect their performance.

Injuries can make it difficult for teams to approach a match in a positive way. Let’s suppose that the Seattle Sounders are without three of their key attacking players against Real Salt Lake. The Sounders may be hesitant to play this game, so they might want to plan conservatively and not allow reserve players to step in.

This could be done by backing Tie/Tie or Tie/Win, or Tie/Loss. The player can predict a low-scoring, cagey 45 minute period and increase their chances of winning by carefully staking.

Example of Double Result Bet

Double the Result in Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is a three-part game. The 1st and 3rd periods determine the Double Result. If a player believes that the match will end in a tie at the end the first period, but Team B will win, this is called a Tie/Win.

A Double Result bet in NHL Ice Hockey would see New York Rangers/Boston Bruins as an example. This would mean that the New York Rangers would lead at the end the first period and the Boston Bruins would win the match or turn the tide and win it.

Double Result NFL Football

Let’s take an example of a double NFL Football result bet. The NFL often throws in tight but high-scoring games between the two sides. With the unpredictable scores swinging back-and-forth, this increases the chance of comeback wins. Double result bet NFL Footballl split at half-time.

One player can choose to place a double Tie/Lions result bet NFL Football match between Chicago Bears or Detroit Lions. Due to the NFL’s usual volatility, these are two of the lowest scoring teams last season. However, this player could still win the jackpot. While it is rare to have ties at the end the first half, they are not uncommon. If one does, the player will be able to enjoy the second half while cheering on the Lions. Double result betting nfl Football is also quite common.

Double-Result Baseball Bet

Let’s look at another example to show how the double result baseball betting works. The outcome of a baseball match is decided by the player. The bet must be placed within the last nine innings for it to be valid.

It’s important to remember that the bullpen is active after 5th innings. Therefore, the strength of relief pitches could determine which player will place a bet in a Major League Baseball or Minor League double result baseball bet.

Let’s take a look at the following illustration to see how a double-result baseball bet might work. Let’s take the Yankees against last season’s Pirates. The Pirates led 6-3 at the conclusion of the 5th, and won the game despite scoring three more in the 9th. With both teams looking even before the game, players who backed Pittsburgh/Pittsburgh would have enjoyed a healthy profit.

Double Result Bet Basketball NBA

Let’s look at how the double result bet nba works. There are also swings in basketball scores. End-to-end games can produce unlikely winners. This is a great opportunity for players to profit from Win/Loss and Loss/Win comeback score opportunities. However, double result bet NBA Basketball often have lower prices than other sports. A double result bet NBA Basketball is available on both half-time and full-time.

The November 2019 clash between the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers is a good example of a double-result bet NBA Basketball. Halftime was dominated by the Bulls, who were leading 65 to 48, but the Lakers won the fourth quarter, scoring 38 points. They finished the match with 118-112 wins.


Prop Double Result betting is a great way to keep players interested in a greater number of matches. It offers more value than traditional Win sports betting markets and money lines. It is now easier to answer the question, “How does a double-result bet work?”

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