A better way is to use online labour scheduling software.

Here are some of the ways the best online workforce scheduling software can help your casino save time and money by reducing planning time, reducing errors to near zero, making employees and managers happier because they get along better, and saving money that is currently being lost due to such issues.

Employees can access their schedules from any location.

If your casino’s scheduling system needs your employees to call someone, check their email, or come to work to check their schedules, you’re wasting time and causing unnecessary hassles and delays.

Employees may manage their schedules from their phones using most online workforce scheduling software systems. They go into their account and view their planned schedule for the next few days, weeks, or months.
This function is extremely popular with employees. They no longer have to wait for the timetable to “come out” as they did previously. It simply appears on their phone, which they may access at any time and from any location. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

You can easily adjust to shifts that have been planned wrongly.

If a shift isn’t scheduled because the expected crowds didn’t show up, you can immediately alter the rosters of your casino floor workers. Perhaps you expected large crowds for a basketball or baseball game, but the series is only four games long, and you were expecting a large crowd for game 5.

Perhaps a shift is running late and a large crowd shows up. You can instantly discover which of your part-time employees are available for extra shifts, avoiding the need to call anyone who may be working overtime that week.
You may accomplish this on the fly with online workforce scheduling tools. Making major planning decisions on the spot that have a direct impact on your bottom line takes only a few minutes.

Employees can readily request a Change Swap.

You can design your own online scheduling software as a casino manager so that you can authorise every change request. This is especially important in casinos because certain personnel may not be trusted to work with certain others or at particular services or locations.

During all big shifts, you’ll also have skilled personnel stationed among your table game areas. Typical employees may be unaware of the need of submitting shift change requests. However, scheduling tools such as Casino Schedule Ease can rapidly evaluate whether or not their change will cause issues. You can plan your schedule weeks or months ahead of time.

You can schedule as far ahead as you wish with employee scheduling software. For instance, you may have a major event coming up in a few months. You don’t have to plan every day between now and then, but you can plan the dates closest to the major event to ensure you have your finest personnel on hand on these high-earning days.

Employees can readily submit requests for EO.

When a shift is sluggish or an employee has a personal matter to attend to, online employee scheduling software enables them to: make early requests swiftly and effortlessly.

The majority of casinos are large establishments. It can take a long time to locate the person you want to speak with. When the schedule manager isn’t available when an employee requires him, frustration mounts.

Employees can submit EO requests from their phones wherever they are, and you can approve, deny, or ask to review them by responding with a personal message.

On hectic days, you may easily plan ahead.

A casino’s understaffing is a disaster. You’ll be prepared for the big days ahead using online workforce scheduling software. Your software helps ensuring that your table games and other critical ATM departments are ready for prime time, whether it’s weekends, particular holidays, special periods of the year, or dates of significant city events.

The entire planning process can be automated.

The eight reasons listed above should be enough to convince you to schedule a free sample of our casino planning software. But, so far, this last rationale is the most compelling.

When you read #8 and started thinking about “building” the perfect timetable, it may have occurred to you that establishing the plan would still be difficult if you had to do all of the work yourself. Yes, it is correct. Setting out a schedule for who should be assigned where and when will still be difficult.